With drizzly rain and very cloudy Rudy, Leo and myself left from Port Botany and headed out to take a look at where to dive. The wind was down on the predicted 20kph and the swells were also down to about 1m instead of the 1.8m. We decided to dive Bypass Reef.

We anchored and started gearing up as Le Scat motored in. We noticed the current was quite strong and indicated to Le Scat. They anchored 40m to our north. Then Sea John came by, and headed to M&K Reef and the sharks at Magic Point.

As I descended I noticed the water temperature drop from a nice 20 to a very cold 15. I moved the anchor a little closer to the edge of the reef and hooked it under a rock, then ran a reel over to the edge and dropped it near the cave ands swam over the the isolated bolder. There were 3 Sea Horses that have been there for quite some time. Rudy and Leo swam over and I pointed them out. A few minutes later some divers from Le Scat swam over, I caught their attention and showed them the sea horses. All the other fish and Nudibranchs were around.

Our second dive at Minmi Trench found a pair of Mosaic Moray Eels, quite rare in Sydney and a small Cuttlefish under the ledge.

Bypass Reef

Minmi Trench