Another nice day on the ocean. The plan today is the Tuggerah and the Whale Watch platform.

We headed out early and reached the Tuggerah at7:45am. We noticed a little current but decided to dive anyway. We dropped anchor and set the deco bar, We were hooked in tight (we thought we were). We descended to the bottom and found the anchor in the sand with a log drag mark. I swam along the drag mark for about 10m and saw the wreck to the left. I looked around and saw Rudy running a spool line out, that is where I lost site of him. I took a couple of pictures of the prop and over the hull. Looked around and no sign of Rudy. So I swam back to the drag mark and back to about 3m from the anchor, saw the lift bag and no Rudy. I didn't think to actually look at the anchor so I headed back to the wreck. Still no Rudy. Bottom time at 18m I headed back the the anchor and then saw Rudy's slate tied on. He had ascended. So I filled the bag and started my ascent. A nice dive overall.

Second dive at the Whale Watch Platform, visibility was around 10m and not a lot of fish around, but managed to find a couple of PJ's

Tuggerah Wreck

Whale Watch Platform