The 2 sites selected today was Tupapa and Harbour Masters Crack. Tupapa is just offshore the township of Tupapa, and the bottom is like a river of sand heading from 12m down to 32m scattered with Coral. Visibility was amazing, around 35-40m. Found a Peacock Flounder and after heading down to 32m I saw 3 White Tip reef sharks, they were not scared of us divers, Trumpet Fish, Moray Eel and Pineapple Sea Cucumber,

Harbour Masters Crack is just outside of the Harbour and can only be dived on Sundays as there is no shipping, this is a really nice dive. Lots of coral Xmas tree worms and a green Turtle swam by and finished off with a Nudibranch "Noble Phyllidia"


Harbour Masters Crack