My 900th dive today and with the wind up a little, we decide to dive on the wreck of the Bombo. Once we anchored we could tell the visibility would be great and it was, about 15m. The anchor was just north of the boiler. We swam around to the prop for mandatory 900 photo, thanks Rudy, and then waited for Heinz to join. I went through the penetration and then we headed to the bow. The split in the bow has increased a bit and you can see inside. Then we went back along the south side of the wreck to the prop over to the engine. That's about 30 mins Heinz headed up first, Rudy and myself followed 5 mins later.

2nd Dive at Pig island, Rudy twisted his back a little and decided to sit it out. We anchored at our normal spot and the fish fish were everywhere. We headed east and the fish just disappeared, looking amongst the crevices I saw a Moray Eel, a bit to deep to get a photo. Back to the anchor line a giant Bull Ray swam past, to far away for a photo.


Pig Island