A beautiful day on the ocean, no wind, very little swell and great visibility. We headed to the wreck of the Undola 3.5km off Garie Beach. It took us attempts to hook the anchor and once we did we set up the deco bar and descended into visibility of about 10-15m. There was quite a few moray eels around, a nice Wobbegong shark and the wreck shrouded in fish. A nice 19 on the bottom.

Second dive we hit old favourite Barren's Hut. Visibility was a bit better here around 15m. The anchor was just east of the split. We swam south to the tunnel, then the cave and then the chimney and back to the split. The previous deep dive took its toll and even on 36% Nitrox we had a 8 minute deco penalty. Quite a few Pike around as well as the Bastard Trumpeter with a few nice cuttles one in the cave and one in the overhang on the north western side of the cave.


Barren's Hut