Fantastic conditions on the ocean today, flat with only a slight breeze from the west. We decided to check out a wall we drifted over while having a surface interval after our deep Kelloe dive last week. The wall is 150m from Magic point sharks. It drops from 10m to 20m quite quickly.

Our first dive on this wall we dropped the anchor in the 17m mark and looked around, found an overhang with 5 Pineapple fish, Rudy saw a couple of Blue Devils, but I missed them. There were lots of fish and plenty of Cuttlefish. We saw 5 on this dive.

The second dive here we dropped the anchor in 12m on the wall itself. Then headed East along the wall. There was plenty of holes under rocks and small caves to check out, a couple of Wobbegong sharks and more Cuttles. We saw 8 on this dive. A pair fighting/mating/dancing.

We named this site Cuttle Point GPS  33 57.434'S, 151 15.978'E