Over the past weeks the weather has been a little unpredictable. All the reports say "Bad" however at the right time of the day some locations are great. Today Rudy and myself headed to Bypass Reef near the entrance of Botany Bay, a little windy but the swell was smaller then any reports. We anchored spot on high tide. The anchor landed 10m north west of the caves so we dragged it over and dropped it between 2 rocks. We headed south through the rocks and cave. On one of the rocks Rudy found an unusual Nudibranch, a Short-Tailed Ceratosoma. Only seen one of these before on 6 Fathom Reef in 2007. Visibility was very good at around 10m, Lots of Red Morwong and Bastard Trumpeters in the cave, a lone cuttlefish, with plenty of One Spot Pullers around.

We headed to the Steps at Kurnell for a cuppa, out of the wind that had picked up, making it very uncomfortable out past the heads. We saw Ken and the SDW crew surveying the steps for a dive. We decided to stay close to the cliff and dived the Deep Wall, also known as the Leap. Visibility not as good as Bypass, around 8m. We had a very friendly Blur Groper hanging around for most of the dive, it had a cling fish on it head.

Bypass Reef

Kurnell Deep Wall