Must have been a day for big Bull Rays as we saw one at each site today. First dive we headed to M&K Reef Named after Michael and Kelly. Rudy and me hit the bottom first and hooked up the anchor and headed north along the reef where a large Bull Ray was resting. It was sure about us and took off. The we headed south along the overhang, the water was a cool 15 degrees. Not a lot of fish about. When we returned to the anchor, Eddie and Heinz were on their safety stop, I spotted a juvenile Zebra Lion Fish with all its spines out. Made a good subject for photography. Vis was 15m plus.

Our second dive after a cuppa in Long Bay was Tupia Point. Vis again was great at 15m, lots of PJ's around, Moray Eel, Weedy Sea Dragon, and another Bull Ray.

Third dive at Whale Watch Platform. Vis still around 15m, water very cold, saw 13 at one point and guess what another Bull Ray a few PJ's

M&K Reef

Tupia Point

Whale Watch Platform