With great Xmas eve weather we headed to Barren's hut with 15m visibility. We anchored in the split and headed to the tunnel, the cave and the chimney. With some cuttle fish and the normal fish life around it was a great dive. Even saw an Eagle ray glide past. On top of the reef, west side of the split there are 100's of nudis, all the usual ones but lots of them. My camera stopped working towards the end of this dive.

Second dive was not so great, the diving was great but...... During the Surface interval I removed the camera and had to remove the battery to get the camera to kick into life. On this dive when I took the first photo the camera again shut down before the shutter went off. When I unhooked my camera and placed it in the rear basket of the boat, one of the side clips came loose and flooded the camera. An expensive dive.

Barren's Hut