We were going to dive the Tuggerah but the weather was looking a little fickle so we decided to dive port Kembla. The Pinnacle, I only received the GPS marks for it a few weeks back and its a great site. We anchor just on top of the pinnacle to the eastern side about 5m from the drop off. Vis was around 10m, and there were lots of jellies in the water from the surface down to about 8m.

There was a Lionfish in the alcove and while taking a shot of some sponges a giant bull ray (not Stumpy) swam directly under me. It came back a little while later as well. Lots of fish and Cuttlefish around.

Second dive good old Pig Island. Lots of fish, Moray Eels and Cuttlefish. Just before surfacing we found an Octopus and beside the anchor another Lionfish.


Pig Island