Just Heinz and myself today. There was a little wind around so we headed out towards Bypass reef, but the water looked a little dirty, so we headed to where the Desalination platform was anchored a few years back. (34 1.613'S   151 13.944'E) We called this site 4X as there is 4, well, structures running east west. The structures are large cages about 6m high and 6m in diameter and about 10m apart with openings in the bars around 40cm. These form the inlet for the Desalination Plant. There were some fish hanging around inside them, not a lot of life though. We had heard there was a cave around here somewhere we looked around for a while but could not find it.

Second dive was at the Whale Watch Platform. Always a great dive. A large Bull Ray at the beginning and mid dive, a Turtle with PJ's in the cave, a Weedy Sea Dragon on the sand and a small Cuttlefish near the anchor. A great dive. Visibility on both around 15m


Whale Watch Platform