Middle Ground was our choice today, and it turned out right. At 13m down we could see the reef on the bottom at 30m. Vis was fantastic. There were thousands of jellys in the water which made photography challenging. Lots of fish a PJ, Octopus and Cuttle fish.

Second dive, after a cuppa at Jibbon beach, we explored the stretch between Bass & Flinders and Oak Park. We anchored beside the Green Channel marker. For the sake of a name we will call it "Green Pole". There is a nice wall running along the edge of the channel, might be worth another dive or two to explore. Nothing of real interest today, quite a few empty PJ egg sacks.

Time and tides right, Shiprock for a third dive. Lots of nudi's around plenty of fish, had a stingray buzz me as I returned back to the anchor. I did notice very little air in the bubble cave.

Middle Ground

Green Pole