We decided to go deep today and head to the Tuggerah wreck. We followed a large Dive boat, looked commercial but had no signage. We waited while they were anchoring. Once they were secure, we anchored on the starboard side of the boiler. On our descent we thought the vis was absolute crap, oops, I left my computer on the boat. A quick up down and we were back descending in crap visibility. When we hit the 20m mark it opened up, we could see the torch lights of the other divers and we could see the bottom. Once we hit the anchor we could see we were 15m from the wreck, with little wind and no current we moved the anchor over to a piece of wreckage in the sand.

I don't think I have ever seen the vis this good on this wreck, it was around 25m. The photos don't do it justice.

Second dive after a cuppa with Sea John at Jibbon Beach took us to Middle Ground. Again the first 20m the visibility was crap, but the bottom was fantastic at 20m. Rudy saw a seal swimming around but I missed it.

Tuggerah Wreck

Middle Ground