A beautiful start to the day with the wind only at about 10kph. we headed for the Bombo. The anchor landed just southwest of the Boiler, we hooked it into some wreckage and saw the vis around 15m. We headed to the stern and around to the penetration. As I swam over some weed a Wobbegong took off from under me. Through the penetration and down to the bow. The Wobbegong hung around for the mandatory photo.

2nd dive was to be Pig Island, but the wind was picking up. We dropped anchor and hooked in tight. The wind picked up even more so we decided to abort this dive. I had to do a quick bounce dive to retrieve the anchor. We headed over to Toothbrush, snuck in behind the rocks and found it very flat. The anchor was on top of the wall tightly wedged between some sponges above the chimney. We headed around to the cave and found many Rock Cod, PJ, Hermit Crabs and a weedy Sea Dragon. Back to the chimney and found another hole with  Moray Eel exposed and then many more PJ's vis was again around 15m.


Toothbrush Island