Heading out of Botany Bay, being low tide, the water was quite dirty. After passing the heads we headed north and the water was clearing up. We stopped at M & K reef and dropped a line down. We could almost see 10m. We anchored and descended into a good 10m visibility on the bottom. Highlights were a Giant Cuttelfish, and a Pigmy Leatherjacket (or boxfish)

The water was quite flat so we just drifted for our surface interval. We found ourselves at Pistol Crack so we anchored and headed down. We found a big boulder that formed a cave under it, quite a number of fish around but not very interesting so we cut the dive short.

Having plenty of air, we thought a third dive was in order, so we headed to Whale Watch. Visibility was down a little but not much and the wind had picked up a little. A quick dive here with all the normal fish around.

M & K Reef

Pistol Crack

Whale Watch