The forecast for today was looking pretty good, and knowing the wind was going to pick up in the afternoon we, Jenny, Rudy Heinz and myself, headed to Port Kembla, at least here we are not that far from the boat ramp.

We had a look at some GPS marks for Midway Reef and found nothing on the bottom, so we headed to the Pinnacle. Jenny had trouble equalising and aborted her dive, so Rudy, Heinz and myself descended. The vis wasn't great but the current either side of it was pretty strong. We hung around the cave and the anchor. The anchor moved a few times and Heinz went up early. Lots of fish around.

2nd Dive, Rudy and Jenny sat it out so it was just Heinz and myself, Heinz Boat sat so I dived solo. The amount of fish here was incredible, I have not seen that many fish anywhere. Bullseyes, Yellow tail, Whiting, Morwongs and Pike by the thousands. A large Bull Ray wanted to play, swan around me a few times, came up pretty close. Once my planned 30mins was up I headed back to the anchor and could not find it, Heinz had seen my bubbles close to the deco line and lifted the anchor. The boat drifted with the wind for about 800m. Once Heinz realised I wasn't under the boat he came back and picked me up.


Pig Island