Club deep dive on the Tuggerah wreck, 2 boats Le Scat and Yes Dear Too. Ian, Rudy and Myself on Yes Dear Too. Started well with the wind dropping and the seas down to 1.5m, took 2 goes to anchor. From the surface it was looking good with at least 10m visibility, but on the way down we hit 25m and the vis dropped to about 2m, very murky dive. Not a lot to see.

After a cuppa at Jibbon beach and dropping Ian off at Wally's Wharf, we headed to Barren's Hut. The vis here was excellent at around 15m. My camera battery went flat so didn't get many photos. Managed to find a small purple shrimp looking critter. Not a great shot, hope Rudy's turned out. There was a large bull ray on the way to the cave, and one laying in the split.


Barren's Hut