Finally some weather suited for a deep dive. When we got to the Tuggerah "Two Dogs" was anchored so dropped the the south of them and let out a lot of rope so we drifted past them. On the way down I had to stop and go back to 3m to unblock my right ear. Our anchor was in the sand to the north east of the prop about 5m from the wreck. We lifted it over to some wreckage and hooked it in. Visibility around 10m. Something I did notice was the lack of Nannygai, usually this wreck is covered in them. 26mins on the bottom and a 35 min deco ended the 4th deep dive of the year.

We had a surface interval in Wottomolla bay, then headed to Barren's Hut after stopping at Marley point and deciding it was to sloppy there. We anchored just south of the Split. Using the left over gas in our twin tanks, we found a nice Bull Ray and headed to the tunnel and the cave. Visibility again around 10m


Barren's Hut