Weather prediction was for light rain, light wind and 1m swells and it all fell into place, the light rain was almost non existent. We planned Magic Point and got there first, the water was looking clear. We could see the weight on the end of the shot line at 10m. We anchored in 17m to the north of the weed bed, and as we came over the weeds we could see (counted) 13 Sharks. With 21 water the sharks were quite active, one grabbing a pike as we approached.

We spent 70mins with the sharks due to the conditions and activity. We also spotted 5 Wobbegongs around the area, one in the middle of the sand platform in front of the cave. We ventured over to the second cave with only a few GNS and a huge Wobbegong, Mourning Cuttlefish and Giant Cuttlefish.

A great Dive.

Second dive on M & K Reef was ordinary, visibility on the bottom was good but a little milky. Not a lot of fish around.

Magic Point

M & K