Overcast and a little rainy we headed to Port Kembla. There was a gap in the ship movements from 8 to 10 so we headed over and anchored on the wreck. As we were anchoring we noticed a yellow dive boat coming over, it anchor as well. Heading down the anchor and looking up we could see the boat at 20m, this was going to be a great dive. Then all of a sudden it got dark and it was hard to make out anything. We hit the bottom. All we could see was a coupe of pieces of wreck in the sand. Knowing the wreck was north of the anchor, so we headed north. 2m later we hit the wreck. The vis was crap.  I headed over tot the prop, having a hard time to find it and noticed the other dive boat dropped their anchor between the engine and prop. They were go when we surfaced. I guess they saw the crap vis and headed off.

We did our 30 min or so dive not heading to far from the anchor. Then ascended and put it down to just a dive.

After a cup of soup at the wharf we headed to toothbrush Island, to rough, then Pig Island, to rough, So north Martins it was. As soon as we arrived we noticed the seals in the water with fins in the air. We anchored and as soon as we were gearing up the seals were all around the boat even playing with the mermaid line. I rolled in and headed straight to the bottom and was met by about 12 seals. It was great. The vis here was clearly 15 to 20m. They hang around fro about 20m and then vanished. Got some great photos and Video


Martins Islet