A great day for diving, sunshine and clear water. We decide to dive the Kelloe, its been a while. Well what a dive....... All was going well  we anchored ok, GPS was telling us 40m from the wreck we had 60m of rope out. We descended and found the anchored had move a little but was hooked it tight. We headed north west along the drag marks of the anchor and found nothing. We return to the anchor and then headed east. We found some wreckage and then the prop. We headed to the boiler and the large anchor. when returning to our anchor we could not find it. So with time at maximum bottom time, 26 minutes, we decided on a blue water ascent. We have done this once before, on this wreck as well.

We surfaced after 35 minutes about 1.5km south of the boat. We hailed down a boat, clambered on board and motored back to the boat. Put this down to experience.

We headed over to Magic Point, protected from the current, an easy dive to end the day, with 6 sharks and couple of Moorish Idols made a great dive.


Magic Point