An early start so we can get a third dive at Shiprock took us to Barren's Hut first. The swells were quite large but quite a distance apart. At one stage the boat was on top of a swell, engine out of the water as well as the bow, an interesting experience.

We anchored in the split and headed to the tunnel, and the cave, a lot of schools of fish around, visibility was ok at around 8m and a slight current form the south.

After a cuppa at Jibbon Beach we headed to Osborne Shoals, the swell was still quite large and still no wind. After setting the drop line we could see the full 10m down to the lead weight. Vis on the bottom was about 12m. We headed east along the wall an into the rocky reef, found a Weedy Sea Dragon, a Wobbegong Shark and a Cuttlefish. The surge was quite large here and at one stage I was carried a good 8m over the top of the reef and back again.

Third dive at Shiprock, high tide 12:09, in the water at 11:55. Vis was 2 to 3m. A lot of divers, even a group from St George. A few Nudibranch's around, I found a Numbray, the way you don't want to find one.

Barren's Hut

Osborne Shoals