No Rudy today so Eddie, Heinz and myself head out with not so good weather. Our first dive was Minmi Trench.
The anchor landed about 5m from the wall so we dragged it over and hooked it into the ledge. Vis was around 5m so not so good. We headed west along the trench and onto the sand and overhang, no PJ's then returned back to the anchor. Lots of Serpent Pteraeolidia (Blue Dragons) around and a nice Tasmanian Chromodoris.

We anchored at the steps for a cuppa and saw Michael & Kelly, and a number of club members exit onto the rocks, Michael signalled to us to look out to the north west. We noticed a group of divers in the middle of nowhere, we up anchored and headed over to them, one of them jumped aboard he was really tired. We through a rope out to the rest and towed them over to the steps, they told us they entered at them monument so we took all of them aboard and gave them a lift back.

Our second dive, Heinz stayed on board and Eddie and myself decided to drift from Steps to Leap. But the current at the bottom was running the wrong way for about half of the dive. More blue Dragons and all the usual Nudi's and a PJ. I set a SMB and Heinz headed over to pick us up.

Minmi Trench

Steps to Leap