With a morning trip to the airport we dive in the afternoon.

The wind was pretty strong from the north but the seas were slight, we headed to Henry Head. Been a long time since we dived here. A really nice spot with some great soft corals and reasonable fish life. I stepped back into my wet suit and a chilly 15 on the bottom wasn't that comfortable. We did manage to find a couple of Weedy Sea Dragons, a nice Cuttle fish and a Moray eel. Visibility quite good around 15m.

We ducked into the beach area east of Bare island for a cuppa and out of the wind. Afterwards we anchored on the eastern side of the deep wall off Bare Island. This is a great spot, the temperature not quite as cold at 16, we find a Eastern Spiny Gurnard and a few Nudibranchs, we turn around at the anchor and head back. Visibility good around 10m.

Henry Head

Bare Island