Club Boat dive today and all boat had bailed out. I had Heinz and Deb Cook on board and we headed to the Whale Watch Platform. Conditions were fantastic. Sunny and, being behind the cliffs, out of the wind.

We anchored in the normal position, and upon reaching the bottom we found two Cuttle Fish wanting to play. One was so friendly they let us touch it. We hung around for about 10 minutes and then headed left to the caves, lots of fish around. Visibility was around 15m, a fantastic dive.

Second dive, Cape Banks. The swell was quite small, but the wind picked up a little. When we hit the bottom, the vis was around 5m, and just in a crevice in front of the anchor a Blue Devil Fish. The vis deteriorated to 2m pretty quickly so we headed up, the wind was howling and the boat took off once the anchor was free. Quite an effort to get on the boat, and a slow trip back to the boat ramp.

Whale Watch Platform

Cape Banks