Port Kembla the choice of sited today, no shipping from 6:00am to 3:30pm a good chance to dive the Bombo. After arriving at the Bombo GPS location we found a lot of red algae in the water probably making the visibility pretty bad. We decided to dive Pig Island and check out the Bombo afterwards. Pig Island was at its best, a light layer of the red algae on the surface but pretty nice below. Lots of fish life around, some moray eels, Octopus and a Wobbegong shark made a great dive.

Afterwards we looked at the Bombo site and still lots of red algae so we decided to have a look at Toothbrush island (South). We identified a small wall on the depth finder and anchored. Well 20 mins later we surfaced. Lots of weed around and some barren rocks is all we found, not even worth a photo.

Water temp was very cold at 15 so we thought a shallow dive around the harbour wall might do. After looking at the surge around the wall we decided not, so we headed over to Martins Islet. We headed through the channel between islands and noticed some Seals basking in the sun. We anchored, descended and headed towards them. Out of the blue about 15 seals started frolicking all around us. Cameras clicking away we spent 20 minutes just watching, I even managed to get some video Check it out here.

Pig Island

Seals at Martins Islet