Two weeks in a row for a deep dive, great conditions see Rudy, Leo and myself head south to the Undola Wreck.

After anchoring and setting the deco bar, we noticed the water was quite green, and could make out the deco bar hanging at 10m. We geared up and headed down, at 10m the visibility started getting worse, at about 2m, hen at 30m it opened up. The anchor was sitting 10m north of the wreck and we could see most of it. We dragged the anchor over to some wreckage near the toilet, set the lift bag and started exploring.

There were a few Wobbegong sharks around and a number of Moray Eels, one nipping my finger as I was steadying myself to take a picture of another one. (Pays to look where you put your hand down). A great dive but a little cold at 16 on the bottom, however the 21 on the deco warmed us up.

After a 90 minute surface interval we headed to Osborne Shoals. The visibility here wasn't great at 5m with all the regular visitors. Blue Groper and Nudibranchs.


Osborne Shoals