On the Cruise Ship Volandam halfway between LA and Sydney and I have an opportunity to diver in Apia, Samoa. The trip from the cruise terminal tot he dive shop took about an hour, its in a resort near the airport. We headed out in a RIB to one of the distant islands and the RIB dropped us in about 30m from a cliff face in about 15m. Apolima Gardens As soon as I hit the water I could see the bottom over the wall at around 22m, and horizontally 40+ metres.

It was so bright underwater you would think you were in 3m of water rather than 15m. Full of coral, but not a great deal of fish around. Very pretty site.

Second dive was at Buck's Hole, this is a hole in the top of a coral reef at around 10m goes down about 5m and then horizontal for a further 10m, all the way through there was rays of sunlight. Another pretty site but again not a lot of fish around. Water was a nice toasty 28

Apolima Gardens

Buck's Hole