Four Boats entered and only one boat dived.

Sounds familiar these days as the weather is totally unpredictable.

For us die hard divers Rudy and Wayne with Joe & Glenn, newbies to the club, we went out and for those 25 knot winds that everyone thought was around on Saturday morning of the 14th September the wind maybe was 5 knots. The swell was around 1m albeit very short intervals, but with the mediocre wind blowing in the opposite direction to the swell, on board the boat could have been classed as quite pleasant. (at least to those of us who donít suffer from Seasickness)

We anchored at Xanadu, Rudy and myself descended first into 10-15m visibility, set the anchor and lift bag, and as this site was not very familiar we started running out a reel. Joe and Glenn turned up about 10mins later. Rudy and myself had left the reel near a rock ledge, under the ledge was a very bright blue juvenile Devil Fish. We pointed it out to Joe and Glenn and headed north west around a small wall.

We came to a small clearing and found a very pregnant PJ eating what looked like a large conical shell.
During the dive I had a small, what looked a bit like a Leatherjacket, was chomping at my mask a number of times, just would not leave me alone.

With no deco limit at close to zero minutes Joe and Glenn had to ascend early, Rudy and myself on 36% Nitrox had 8 mins left. I put some air in the lift bag and headed up.

We headed over to Jibbon beach for a surface interval, and Joe pulled out some absolutely disgusting chocolate slices. After taking a bite, I had to make sure the whole piece was just as disgusting.

Our second dive for the day took us to Osborne Shoals. Visibility wasnít as good around 5-8m but a nice dive with a Cuttlefish, a few PJís and a Weedy Sea Dragon. After ascending the wind had picked up a bit, about 15 knots just in time for us to head back to the boat ramp.


Osborne Shoals