With the weather, again, a little windy we headed to Port Kembla and with the sipping movements in our favour we headed to the Bombo. After dropping the anchor we could see this was going to be good, with that deep bluish purple water colour. We could see the weight at 10m on the bottom of the deco line at 10m.

The anchor hooked into one of the beams 5m south of the main wreck. We headed to the prop in 20m visibility, then around to the penetration, a lot more sand has been sucked out revealing a little more of the internals of the wreck. A large Wobbegong looked like it was guarding the entrance.

Second dive with the wind picking up a bit we headed over to Martins Islet. Found an interesting spot of the bottom finder and dropped anchor. Put this down to Just another Dive (JAD) we did manage to spot a couple of Mourning Cuttlefish.


Martins Islet