No Photos today. Instead we tried out our new Apollo AV-1 scooters.
Weather being a little ordinary, we could only dive Kurnell, so we did.

We ran the scooters along the Deep Wall from the leap, against a mild current for 26 mins, I guess we were somewhere west of the steps. Heading back only took 8 mins with the current. We then headed another 5 mins east and turned and came back to the anchor, a further 12 mins. All up about 40 mins of run time and the batteries were still as strong as the start.

I noted that the scooters tend to aim up all the time so you need to be mindful of your depth, quite easy when you can see the bottom. I also needed some extra weight as I did not have my camera with me.

One thing that is needed is some kind of strap tied off to yourself so you can stop and let it float to the bottom while you look around, or maybe just in case you lose your grip. We used a extendable lanyard, one of the ones most divers use with camera setups. We hooked it to an eye bolt screwed into a threaded hole, the Accessory Mount. I am not sure this is very strong as it is only moulded into the plastic. I will look around the scooter a bit more and try and install a adjustable webbing strap somewhere. we can anchor it on a D ring in our crutch straps, this will take some load off our arms and keep the scooter in an optimal position.

We will get a lot of fun out of these.

One thing I have to work out is how I can take my camera setup along with me with the scooter........