We anchored at Bypass reef first and the wind picked up and the current looked strong. The boat was sitting across the swell so we decided to pull anchor and go to Tabbagi Point. I left my computer on board and had to surface and grab it. We found a giant Cuttlefish and what looks like a large tow cable from a tug boat. We followed it for about 50m and as time was getting on we decided to head back to the anchor. The visibility here was great we could see the boat from 17m, deep.

Both Rudy and Heinz sat the next dive out, so I decided to solo at the Whale Watch Platform. Viz was not as good as Tabbagai at around 12m. Saw a Blue Devil fish, Cuttlefish and lots of fish about. I only spent 30 mins on the bottom.

Tabbagai Point

Whale Watch Platform