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Bare Island
Pizza Reef, Barren's Hut & Shiprock
Bare Island
Pizza Reef and Osborne Shoals
Double Dive MK Reef
Bare Island deep wall
Wedding Cake Island and Magic Point
Club Picnic Day, double dive Minmi Trench.
Middle Ground
Pig Island
Ex HMAS Adelaide & Fifshire Reef
Bare Island
Bypass reef & Whale Watch Platform
Wottamolla Point & Marley Point
Tupapa & Harbour Masters Crack (Cook Islands)
Runway & Coral Gardens (Cook Islands)
Shiprock at low tide
Bypass reef and Bare Island Deep wall
Tuggerah Wreck and Osborne Shoals
Marley Point & Barren's Hut
Barren's Hut and Marley Point
Undola Wreck & Wottomolla Point
Whale Watch Platform and Cape Banks
Annie M Miller & Magic Point
Tupia Point (No Photos) & Whale Watch Platform
Tabbagai Point & solo at Whale Watch Platform
No photos Xanadu, Osborne Shoals and Whale Watch Platform
Double Dive at Osborne...Wow
Bombo Wreck & Pig Island
Steps & Monument Wall
Barren's Hut & 6 Fathom Reef
Magic Point & Bypass Reef
Bombo Wreck & Toothbrush Island
M&K Reef, Tupia Point, Whale Watch Platform
Kurnell Deep Channel, Anchor Reef.
M&K Reef, Whale Watch Platform
Bypass Reef, Kurnell Deep Channel
Tuggerah Wreck & Barren's Hut
Bypass Reef and Whale Watch Platform
Undola Wreck and Barren's Hut
Minmi Trench & Steps to Leap Drift
Minmi Trench, Whale Watch Platform, Kurnell Deep Wall
Pig Island & Bombo Wreck
Pizza Reef & Barren's Hut
Pinnacle & Bombo Wreck
Bypass Reef and M&K Reef
Xanadu & Hilda Wreck (not)
Double Dive Midway Reef
Bypass Reef & Whale Watch Platform
Bare Island Deep Wall
Bare Island East
Pinnacle & Pig Island.