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Annie M Miller and Old Man's Hat
Old Man's Hat
Centurion Wreck
Bombo Wreck & Pig Island
Barren's Hut & Maccas Reef
Tuggerah Wreck & Osborne Shoals
Birchgrove Park Wreck
The Arch & Lou's Rock
Bombo Wreck & Pig Island
Undola, Shiprock & Osborne Shoals
Magic Point, Malabar Wreck & Whale Watch Platform
Tuggerah Wreck and Barren's Hut
Cape Banks Caverns & Whale Watch Platform
Steps & Monument/Kurnell Wall
Whale Watch Platform & Anchor Reef
Osborne Shoals & Shiprock
Toothbrush Island & Bombo Wreck
Birchgrove Park & Valliant Wrecks
Tuggerah Wreck & Whale Watch Platform
Magic Point & Whale Watch Platform
Undola Wreck & Marley Point
Kelloe Wreck & Tupia Point
Olgas & The Hump
Magic Point & Annie M Miller (600)
Kurnell Deep Channel & Anchor Reef
Barren's Hut & Shiprock
Magic Point & Kurnell Steps
President Coolidge, Orientation and the Lady
President Coolidge, Swimming Pool and Medical Supplies
Aore Island Left and Right Reefs
Barren's Hut and Middle Ground
Tuggerah Wreck (Attempt) & Osborne Shoals
Tuggerah Wreck
TSS Hall Caine Wreck & Midway Reef
Henry Head & Bare Island Deep Wall
Pig Island and Bombo wreck
Bare Island
Undola Wreck and Osborne Shoals
Bare Island
Pig Island & Seals off Martins Islet.
Martins Islet, Toothbrush cave & Bombo wreck
Birchgrove Park Wreck
Tuggerah Wreck, Whale Watch Platform, Tabbagai Point
Bombo Wreck, Martins Islet
Magic Point, Whale Watch Platform