Wether great we had the pick of sites so we headed to the wreck of the Tuggerah, Took us a couple of attempts to anchor due to the wind but once hooked in we were set. A seal surfaced beside the boat, swam around for about 5 mins then disappeared.

After descending we found the more of the wreck exposed. Seems that the rough few weeks washed a lot of the sand away. Towards to bow there is a lot more ribbing around and something that looks like an anchor, I have never seen in the past dives. With 27min bottom time we spent 40 mins on deco.

Second dive to the Whale Watch Platform. Aim to get some GPS marks for the big sand flat in front of the "L" shaped wall. We missed but found a cave with 2 Blue Devils. Just out side the cave a Moorish Idol. We spent 45 mins looking around but we should have gone north instead of south from our anchor point. There is always next time.


Whale Watch Platform