Interesting weather today. Reports were for 1.5m swell 12 seconds apart, what we found was 3m swell about 10 seconds apart with a lot of wind chop between the swells. After looking around Middle ground we decided it was to rough so we headed to Osborne Shoals. We anchored and descended and found the anchor about 10m from the reef. We carried the anchor and dropped it on the rocks just in front of the overhang. Lots of fish here but the surge was quite large moving us around 2 to 3m each time. Vis was around 5m and very murky.

After about 40 mins we decided to head back in to Shiprock, high tide around 9:45 we reached there and dropped anchor around 10:30. Very little wind and current here. we spent the rest of our tank here, again quite murky.

Osborne Shoals