Triple header today. The tide times give us an opportunity to dive Shiprock at 10:00am so we head out to the Undola early.

After pulling up and dropping anchor over the Undola we noticed the clarity in the water, also a Seal swimming around playing with the float on the mermaid line. We set up he deco station, geared up and dropped over the side and descended down the anchor. With the new Canon G11 camera and Patima housing we hit the bottom with 20-25m visibility. The Seal did follow us down and Rudy got a shot of it at 40m. A great dive.

We sped back to Shiprock and arrived at 10:05 dropped anchor behind some divers and geared up, we were using the left over gas from our twins. The amount of divers made the visibility quite poor but still a good dive. Pineapple fish are a highlight here.

After a cuppa we headed to Osborne Shoals. Here we were met with thousands of stripeys and a good 20m visibility. We headed west along the wall where we found a Sarca anchor. A good find, dragged it back to our anchor and lifted, via a lift bag, to the surface.