What a day at Magic point. Flat seas but a little windy I try out my new Hollis backplate and harness.

The new setup is very comfortable, I have to get used to the weight system, they seem a little hard to insert. But all that aside....

The visibility today was spectacular 20m at least. You could see from one end of the cave to the other. There were 6 GNS swimming around and a couple of juveniles got very close to us, very inquisitive. I took a lot of photos and a video.

Second dive we had unfinished business at the Whale Watch Platform. We wanted to mark the open 90°wall and sand platform. When we got there we found a large, and I mean huge bull ray sitting in the sand in the corner. Rudy has a photo of me beside it which will show its size. We also found a Blue Devil, a PJ and the Turtle along with a few cuttles. A great dive all be it a little surgy.

Magic Point

Whale Watch Platform