A windy but flat day took us north out of Brooklyn for the Birchgrove Park & Valliant wrecks.

We anchored over the Birchgrove and found the anchor 15m south East of the wreck, we carried the anchor over and secured it. The vis was about 20m, but dark as it is on Winter days with the Sun quite low in the sky. We spent 22 mins exploring the wreck and 37 mins deco.

A surface interval at Palm Beach, or should I say Summer Bay, and out to the Valliant. There were 2 other boats anchored here so we dropped the anchor 20m Southwest and then carried it over and hooked it into the ladder, Again the Vis was great about 20m. A couple of nice Wobbegong sharks, one very pregnant, and a lot of other divers around. A great pair of dives.

Birchgrove Park