Anchor Reef

We stumbled on Anchor reef 15th October 2005 while trying to find The Bare Island Isolated reefs. In fact we found out in early 2006 that this is the most western reef in the 3 isolated reefs. Being some 350 metres from Bare Island itself puts it out of range for most divers. Also with some patches of sand between it and the other reefs makes it very hard to find if you don't know where it is.

How to find Anchor Reef

WGS84 GPS Marks 33 59.484' S 151 13.644' E

Line up the Novatel Hotel behind the container wall and continue East until you see the Church Steeple line up with the communications tower at Kurnel. This will put you over the western end of the reef. The bottom should come up from 18m to 15m.

Here is a map we drew around the time we found it. I will be putting more detail in this as time goes by.

Photo's I have taken at Anchor Reef.

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