Weather being crap all week, with light drizzly rain and a sea forecast of 1.8m swells, we headed to our old faithful Anchor Reef only to see that Botany Bay was flat as. We anchored over the reef and headed down to take a look, viz on the way down was about 2m and the thought of a very short dive went through my mind.

When we passed the 10m mark the viz opened up to 10m, this was going to be a great dive.

I headed to the main anchor only to find in engulfed in weed, I moved some out of the way and took the required photo, this anchor has deteriorated somewhat since we first found it a few years ago.

Michael McFadyen has placed a no swimming shark sign near the anchor for our amusement. We explored all the crevices and overhangs with plenty of fish life around.

Once on board we thought about our 2nd dive while drifting past Bare Island, I thought we would take a look around Cape Banks, once out of Botany Bay I thought out aloud "what happened to those 1.8m waves", Rudy responded with Magic Point.

We headed directly to Magic point, on with the gear and into the water. Dropping the anchor we could see the bottom at 15m. Check out the bottom of the boat in the photo from 16m, you can even make out the bow rail and the anchor ropes. A short 15m swim and we were blessed with 11 Grey Nurse sharks. (2 juveniles) and 1 PJ. The GNS were very curious some coming very close. What a great dive this is.

Anchor Reef

Magic Point