Plan today was to visit the prop of the Kelloe. We headed to our new GPS marks and dropped anchor 20m up current, let the rope out and final resting place was 40m from the marks. We thought this was to far so we tried to lift the anchor, it wouldn't budge, so we geared up and headed down.

We reached the bottom after 3 mins and saw the anchor hooked up of some old rope attached to the wreck. The anchor was 15m from the Boiler and 15m form the prop. We nailed it. I hooked the lift bag onto the anchor and we looked around. This end of the wreck is really broken up, we spotted what was left of the prop, took some snaps, and after 12 mins of bottom time we added some air to the lift bag and headed tot he surface. It took 5 mins to get to 5 meters and we spent 13 mins on the deco bar.

On the surface we noticed the swell had picked up to the 1.5m predicted, it made an interesting climb up the ladder. We packed up and headed to Bare Island for a cuppa. Our 2nd dive was an old favourite Anchor Reef. This site never lets us down.

On entry we noticed a lot of floaties in the water and thought the vis was going to be bad but once we hit 12m it all cleaned up and vis was around 15m. This is a great macro photo spot, lots of nudies and other fish to photo. We also came across and unusual shark, it looks like a shark because of the fins, will try and ID it soon. (Thanks to Jayson its a Blind Shark)


Anchor Reef