A very early start today, dropped my daughter and her boyfriend at the airport at 5:30am, and met Rudy at the boat ramp at 6:00am.

We decided to head to Magic point first then evaluate the conditions afterwards. We anchored and started decent at 7:37am, we only found one Grey Nurse Shark. The 2 devil fish one either side of the cave are still there and stayed out for some great photos. After about 40mins we headed deeper north west of the cave and followed the sand line and found a Wobbegong shark.

After ascending the conditions got a lot worse, we spent almost an hour getting back to Botany Bay. We decided to dive Anchor Reef.

The visibility here was about 3m, we did mange to find a Weedy Sea Dragon, A long Snouted Boarfish and a Pigmy Pipe Horse. We haven't seen any signs of Sea horses around Bare Island for a long time now. Anchor Reef never disappoints.

Magic Point

Anchor Reef