Conflicting weather reports started us at Dolan's bay boat ramp, we launched and headed out to 6 Fathom reef to recover a lost anchor from a few weeks ago, on the way out we saw Sea Tamer heading back in, a quick look at the time (around 8:00am) this doesn't look good.

As we approached 6 Fathom the seas were up, really up around 2.5-3m. We headed back, a thought we may get a shore dive in at Bare Island.

Out came the boat and we headed to Bare Island, a quick phone call to Rudy and we decided to launch the boat again at Foreshore Drive.

We headed towards Bare Island and stopped at Anchor Reef, we could see 2m wave breaking all around Bare. We decided to dive good old faithful Anchor Reef. Still a great dive. It took us 3 goes to hook up on the reef due to the 1.5m swell, but eventually we hooked up and in we went.

The main anchor is still there but its looking a bit worse for wear, we saw all the regular fish life and a great little juvenile PJ at the end.