Weather was looking a little rough so we headed out of Botany Bay. After reaching the heads we realised that the 1.7m swell was really 3m so we looked around Kurnell and decided to head to Anchor reef first then back to the Steps for a second dive.

Descended down the anchor it looked pretty bad with about 1m vis for the first 5-10m then it got a lot better, around 10m on the bottom. We spent an hour poking around all the little crevices. A few nice Cuttles and an Occy made for a really nice dive. Highlight was the juvenile PJ, really friendly.

2nd Dive the Steps (yes from a boat) again a nice hour long dive looking around the crevices. Nice weedy and a few Nudi's and another nice dive in very trying water conditions.

Anchor Reef

Kurnel Steps