Today's plan was to take Robert to Anchor reef, and then over to Kurnel point (Inscription Point).

I found anchor reef using my marks (I will publish these soon), set the anchors and dropped down to take a look. Vis was about 5m, not to good but this site is always a good dive.

I showed Robert the anchors, and more anchors, and more anchors (that is why we called it anchor reef). A good dive with a giant cuttle fish, PJ shark and a school of whiting.

We had a surface interval at Kurnell beach, nice pies from the shop across the road, then headed out to the outer part of inscription point.

Set the anchors again and dropped over the side. Down to 12 metres and checked the anchors, all fine, the headed off east to deeper water. At 16m I saw a great overhang, thought I would get a wide angle shot....mmm where did that wide angle lens go?

Searched around for 10mins and couldn't find it...(thought it was going to be an expensive dive), so we headed back down to deeper water...mmm what is that black thing on the bottom, yep there it is... got that shot of the swim through......


 Anchor Reef

Kurnel Point