A miserable day, very windy and the seas up, we headed to Kurnell Point. I left my dive computer at home so I followed Rudy around and used his depth readings. Using 28% Nitrox and diving under an hour max depth of 20m was fine.

A nice dive, but still a little disappointed in the fish life. I did manage to find a weedy and a moray and at the end a cuttle.

2nd Dive to Anchor reef. After dropping over the edge my mask flew off. It felt like the strap broke. Couldn't see it anywhere. Grabbed the spare and continued the dive. While swimming around Anchor reef Rudy found my mask. Lucky, it had my Hydrotac Lenses fitted and I am heading to Lord Howe next Friday and I would need it.

The weather turned a little rougher and the anchor got hooked up on the reef and took a bit to lift them. All in all a nice 2 dives and definitely have sorted the camera out, just need to set the exposure up a little


Anchor Reef