PC Interface for Suunto Vytec Dive Computer.

Parts List. For Vizmo

This is based on a document I found on a web site (Can't remember which one)


Total parts cost, $8.00 and about 1 hour to put it all together.
Thanks must go to Feinmetal for supplying me 10 samples of the spring loaded contacts.

IMG_8478.jpg (93049 bytes)

IMG_8479.jpg (64458 bytes)

I am going to add support for this into Gizmo in the near...far future.

Vizmo Mk2

(Compatible with SDM3.0)

I used a small PCB like this one. FTDI USB to Serial Converter Must have 3.3v control.

Added some vero Board with a circuit like this

The plug I used the Feinmetal spring contacts inside a section of a screw terminal block. Then used a hot glue gun and put some glue around it and carved the final shape using a Stanley knife.