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The Leap and M & K Reef
Pistol Point and Whale Watch Platform
Pistol Point and Whale Watch Rockfall
Whale Watch Rockfall and M & K Reef
Whale Watch Rockfall and The Leap
Marley Sponge Garden and Barren's Hut
HMNZS Canterbury & Waiwiri Bay
Big Saigon & Hilda Wreck
Pizza Reef & Barren's Nembrotha Garden
M&K reef and 4 X
Big Saigon and M&K Reef
Marley Sponge Garden & Osborne Shoals
Tuggerah Wreck & Pizza Reef
Bypass Reef & Henry Head
Marley Sponge Garden & Marley Rockfall
Tuggerah Wreck & Barren's Nembrotha Garden
Undola Wreck & Marley Sponge Garden
M&K Reef and Pistol Point
Double Dive at the Balcony
Big Saigon & Whale Watch Rockfall
Missed the Tuggerah, The Balcony
Pistol Point & Whale Watch Platform