The Itata wreck is located up Middle Harbour and is only ever dived for training dives as it is very dirty (that's why they dive it for nil visibility).

Iron barque 950 tons. #87910. Built at Liverpool, England, 1883; reg. Liverpool. Lbd 202 x 33 x 19.9. Destroyed by fire at the wharf at Newcastle, 12 January 1906.  Several severe explosions occurred during the fire, blowing planking and other debris high into the air and hindering fire-fighters. Eventually her masts fell and she lay with her iron hull gutted and twisted. Towed to Sydney for use as a hulk, but too badly damaged, so abandoned in Saltpan Creek, and arm of Middle Harbour.

S 3mbq 950 g, 927 n, ON87910, 202.1 x 33.0 x 19.9, B.1883 R & J Evans, Liverpool. Owners: Newark Shpg Co.Ltd, reg. Liverpool, burnt and damaged by explosion in nitrate cargo at Newcastle NSW Jan. 12, 1906. Remains towed to Sydney and ultimately abandoned in Salt Pan Creek, Middle Harbour (also called 'Wreck Bay').


In the picture the Itata is the one in the water.